set [set]
set, setting [ME setten < OE settan (akin to Ger setzen & Goth satjan < Gmc * satjan), caus. formation “to cause to sit” < base of SIT]
1. to place in a sitting position; cause to sit; seat
a) to cause (a fowl) to sit on eggs in order to hatch them
b) to put (eggs) under a fowl or in an incubator to hatch them
3. to put in a certain place or position; cause to be, lie, stand, etc. in a place [set the book on the table]
4. to put in the proper or designated place [to set a wheel on an axle]
5. to put or move (a part of the body) into or on a specified place [to set foot on land]
6. to bring (something) into contact with something else [to burn a paper by setting a match to it]
a) Archaic to put in writing; record
b) to put or affix (one's signature, seal, etc.) to a document
8. to cause to be in some condition or relation; specif.,
a) to cause to be or become [to set a house on fire]
b) to put in a certain physical position [to set a book on end]
9. to cause to be in working or proper condition; put in order; arrange; fix; adjust; specif.,
a) to fix (a net, trap, etc.) in a position to catch animals
b) to fix (a sail) in a position to catch the wind
c) to put (a part of a device) in position to work [to set a chuck on a lathe]
d) to adjust so as to be in a desired position for use; regulate [to set a radio dial, a clock, a thermostat, etc.]
e) to place (oneself) in readiness for action
f) to put an edge on (a knife, razor, etc.)
g) to adjust (a saw) by slightly deflecting alternate teeth in opposite directions
h) to sink (the head of a nail, screw, etc.) below a surface
i) to arrange (a table) with knives, forks, plates, etc. for a meal
j) to put (a dislocated joint or fractured bone) into normal position for healing, mending, etc.
10. to cause to be in a settled or firm position; specif.,
a) to put or press into a fixed or rigid position [to set one's jaw]
b) to cause (one's mind, purpose, etc.) to be fixed, unyielding, determined, etc.
c) to cause to become firm or hard in consistency [pectin sets jelly]
d) to make (a color) fast in dyeing
e) to mount, embed, or fix (gems) in rings, bracelets, etc.
f) to cover, encrust, or decorate (gold, watches, etc.) with gems
g) to fix firmly in a frame [set the glass in the window]
h) to arrange (hair) in the desired style with lotions, hairpins, etc. and let it dry
i) to transplant (a shoot, etc.)
11. to cause to take a particular direction; specif.,
a) to cause to move as specified; propel [the current set them eastward]
b) to point, direct, or face as specified [to set one's face toward home]
c) to direct (one's desires, hopes, heart, etc.) with serious attention (in or on someone or something)
12. to appoint, establish, ordain, etc.; specif.,
a) to post or station for certain duties [to set sentries at a gate]
b) to place in a position of authority
c) to fix (limits or boundaries)
d) to fix or appoint (a time) for something to happen [to set Friday as the deadline]
e) to fix a time for (an event)
f) to establish (a regulation, law, record, etc.) or prescribe (a form, order, etc.)
g) to give or furnish (an example, pattern, etc.) for others
h) to introduce (a fashion, style, etc.)
i) to allot or assign (a task, lesson, etc.) for work or study
j) to fix (a quota, as of work) for a given period
k) to begin to apply (oneself) to a task, etc.
13. to estimate or fix; place mentally; specif.,
a) to fix (the amount of a price, fine, etc.)
b) to fix (a price, fine, etc.) at a specified amount
c) to estimate or value [to set at naught all that one has won]
d) to fix or put as an estimate [to set little store by someone]
14. Baking to put aside (leavened dough) to rise
15. Bridge to prevent (one's opponents) from making their bid
16. Hunting to point toward the position of (game): said of a dog
17. Music to write or fit (words to music or music to words)
18. Printing
a) to arrange (type) for printing
b) to produce or reproduce (printed matter) by computer or photocomposition
c) to put (a piece of writing) into print
19. Theater
a) to place (a scene) in a given locale
b) to make up or arrange (scenery) on the stage
c) to arrange the scenery and properties on: the stage
1. to sit on eggs: said of a fowl
2. to become firm or hard in consistency [cement sets after several hours]
3. to become fast: said of dye, color, etc.
a) to begin to move, travel, etc.: with out, forth, on, off, or forward
b) to begin or get started [to set to work]
5. to have a certain direction; tend
a) to make an apparent descent toward and below the horizon; go down [the setting sun]
b) to wane; decline
7. to hang, fit, or suit in a certain way [a jacket that sets well]
8. to grow together; mend: said of a broken bone
9. Now Dial. to sit
10. Bot. to begin to develop into a fruit after pollination
11. Hunting to point toward the position of game: said of a dog
1. fixed or appointed in advance [a set time]
2. established; prescribed, as by authority
3. deliberate; intentional; purposeful
4. conventional; stereotyped; not spontaneous [a set speech]
5. fixed; motionless; rigid; immovable
a) resolute; determined
b) obstinate; unyielding
7. firm or hard in consistency
8. ready to begin some action or activity [get set to run]
9. formed; put together; built
1. a setting or being set; specif.,
a) the act of a dog in setting game
b) a becoming hard or firm in consistency
2. the way or position in which a thing is set; specif.,
a) direction; course, as of a current
b) tendency; inclination
c) change of form resulting from pressure, twisting, strain, etc.; warp; bend
d) sideways deflection in opposite directions of the alternate teeth of a saw
e) the way in which an article of clothing fits or hangs
f) the position or attitude of a limb or part of the body [the set of her head]
g) Psychol. a readiness to respond or to prepare for a certain definite kind of activity
3. something which is set; specif.,
a) a twig or slip for planting or grafting
b) a young plant; esp., a dwarfed bulb, as of an onion, dried and kept over winter for early spring planting
c) a number of backdrops, flats, properties, etc. constructed and arranged for a scene in a play, film, etc.
d) the act or a style of setting hair
e) the lotion, etc. used for this purpose: in full hair set
4. a group of persons; specif.,
a) a company or group with common habits, occupation, interests, etc. [a set of smugglers]
b) an exclusive or select group; clique; coterie
c) the number of couples needed for a country or square dance
5. a collection of things belonging, issued, used, or growing together; specif.,
a) a number of tools or instruments used together [a carpentry set]
b) the collection of objects necessary for playing a game, esp. a parlor game
c) a number of magazines, books, etc., often in a similar format, by one author, on one subject, etc.
d) a matching collection of china, silverware, etc.
e) the complement of natural or artificial teeth of a person or animal
f) a clutch of eggs
g) the figures that make up a country or square dance
h) several pieces of dance music played, or danced to, in quick succession
i) receiving equipment for radio or television assembled, as in a cabinet, for use
j) Tennis a subdivision of a MATCH2 (n. 3), consisting of a series of at least six games: see also GAME1 (n. 2c)
6. Math. a prescribed collection of points, numbers, or other objects that satisfy a given condition
7. Printing the width of the body of a piece of type
☆ all set
Informal prepared; ready
set about
to begin; start doing
set against
1. to balance
2. to compare
3. to make hostile toward; make an enemy of
set apart
to separate and keep for a purpose; reserve
set aside
1. to set apart
2. to discard; dismiss; reject
3. to annul; declare void
set back
1. to put (a clock or its hands) to an earlier time, esp. to standard time
2. to reverse or hinder the progress of
3. Slang to cost (a person) a specified sum of money
set down
1. to place so as to rest upon a surface; put down; let alight
2. to land (an airplane)
3. to put in writing or print; record
4. to establish (rules, principles, etc.)
5. to consider, ascribe, attribute, etc.
set forth
1. to publish
2. to express in words; state
set in
1. to begin
a) to blow or flow toward the shore: said of wind, current, etc.
b) to direct (a ship) toward shore
3. to insert
set off
a) to start (a person) doing something
b) to make begin; start going
2. to set in relief; make prominent by contrast
3. to show to advantage; enhance
4. to cause to explode
set on
1. to incite or urge on, as to attack [to set dogs on intruders]
2. to attack
set out
1. to limit; define; mark out
2. to plan; lay out (a town, garden, etc.)
3. to display, as for sale; exhibit
4. to plant
5. to take upon oneself; undertake [to set out to prove a theory]
set straight
to give the correct facts to; inform properly
set to
1. to make a beginning; get to work; begin
2. to begin fighting
set up
a) to place in an upright position
b) to place in a high position
c) to raise to power
d) to raise
e) to present (oneself) as being something specified
f) to present (something) as exemplary
2. to put together or erect (a tent, machine, etc.)
3. to establish; found
4. to make detailed plans for
5. to begin
6. to provide with money, etc., as for a business; fit out
7. to cause to feel stimulated, exhilarated, etc.
8. to make successful, well-to-do, etc.
9. to advance or propose (a theory, etc.)
10. to cause
a) to put (drinks, etc.) before customers
b) to pay for (food, drinks, etc.) for (another or others)
12. to put (someone) in a vulnerable situation or position
set upon
to attack, esp. with violence

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